Constant Temperature

A good cabinet should be able to maintain a stable temperature between 10 to 14°C. This allow the wine to age in optimum condition acquiring all of its refined features and qualities.

Adequate Humidity
The humidity of a cabinet should be between 50 to 80%. Insufficient humidity causes the cork enclosure to dry out and shrink allowing air to penetrate into the bottle, oxidising the wine.

Air Circulation
In adequate air circulation in a high humidity environment can result in the development of mould and bacteria that can cause unwanted odours and in some cases, affecting the natural cork material.

UV Protection
UV rays damage tannins and oxidises the wine. A good wine cabinet, like a natural cellar, must not allow light to penetrate and should be as dark as possible.

Vibration Free
Stillness is key in ensuring optimal wine maturation. Vibrations disturb the sediment in the wine and cause molecules of some wine’s chemical compounds to break down.

Efficient Storage
A good wine cabinet must be able to handle the various bottles type and sizes and allow labelling so that storage capacity can be optimised and access and retrieval of wines is easy.

Caring For Your Wine
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